Better budget expense tracking software

Better Budget Expense Tracker

Time is Money - Keep track of your expenses with Better Budget

Better budget expense tracking software

Financial advisors recommend that everyone should be on a budget and keep track of their expenses. Knowing where your hard earn money goes helps you save money.
Better Budget expense tracker lets you quickly see how much money is going to where and help you plan ahead for future expenses.

The "Better Budget" expense tracker is the world's best budget expense tracker.

Better Budget Expense Tracker

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Reward yourself with knowing where your hard earn money is being spent by using the "Better Budget" expense tracker.

Knowing exactly how much money is being spent on various categories allows you to plan for the future. Do you really know how much money is spent on gasoline every month or every year? Or how much money is spent on breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

Your eyes will be opened when you see the results in writing.

Better budget expense tracking software

Some people never realize how much money is spent on internet games or TV service or movie tickets. Seeing where your money goes helps you spend wisely and plan for the future.

After countless hours of searching the internet, I could not find an easy to use expense tracker that will work on my phone, my wife's phone and on the PC or the MAC.

Hence, the "Better Budget" expense tracker was created for the purpose of quickly and easily and accurately showing where the money is being spent.

Benefits of the "Better Budget" expense tracker include:

  • No finance or accounting background needed to easily understand the monthly averages of expenses of various categories.
  • Easily add/remove an expense:
    • Recurring bills
    • Food expense
    • Non-food expense
    • Expense amount
    • Expense description
  • Add your own type of expense category:
    • lunch
    • donation
    • child care
    • automotive
    • entertainment
    • and more...
  • No more embarrassment from not knowing where your money is going.
    Plan for your financial future with knowing how much money is being spent now and what was spent in the past.
  • Web app works in browsers for the following devices:
    • Mac/Windows desktop computer
    • Apple/Windows laptop
    • Chrome book
    • iPad
    • Android/Windows tablet
    • iPhone
    • Android/Windows smart phone

Expense tracker helps plan your financial future

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Financial advisors recommend that if you keep track of your expenses, you can better plan for your future financial monetary needs.
Seeing where your money is going also helps you cut back on spending and save you money.

Make your family finances Happier!

Better budget expense tracking software Better budget expense tracking software Better budget expense tracking software

Most people just pay their monthly bills and spent money without much thought and never realize just how much money might over spent.

The "Better Budget" expense tracker will open your eyes and provide a way to save money by reducing expenses and to plan for your financial future.

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